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Sunday, August 19, 2012


My wifes website check it out
My wife's site Click here >Karen's site
Here is proof this works, this is a site I made for my Wife Karen.
It took me about 25 minutes and it was pretty easy I must admit, I can change it whenever I want and it only take a few minutes.
I HIGHLY recomend this if you want to set up a webpage in short order...
They also have many ways to get you traffic as well as ways to make sure you get money...
As far as all of these, this was by far the easiest one and fastest one I have found to date.
The link to get this is Web builder This is a pretty good deal at a pretty good price I think
Let me know if you have aany problems.
If you only do the basic, you only get one website, if you upgrade, you get like 6 Sites. I think it is a pretty good deal.

Lets Make some MONEY!!!!


Stuff we have on my desk I thought we would share where I got them..

Saturday, August 18, 2012


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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have been self employed since 1970.
In 1980 I entered the technology industry almost by accident.
I was blessed to be in the right place, at the right time in California.
My job was in the Air Force as an aircrew member.
When we where not flying, we where not allowed to work anyplace else on base, so...
I started my own computer business. It took off like crazy.
The Internet as you know it today was only being used by us in the military, but we where all communicating with an oddity called the bulletin board systems (BBS)
I took an Atari 400 a few floppy disk drives and 300 baud modem and wrote a BBS...
The EGORE Sanction, which later grew into the Solano Atari(C) Network with several other computers.

Soon, we have 10,50,100,1000,5000+ users and my desk was getting too small for all the floppy drives and paperwork for all the orders... I would drive to silicon valley every weekend and load up...

I was selling Atari and commodore and IBM clones and any other device that people would ask for, burning eeproms making modified floppy drives designing memory modifications and custom OS chips and selling them...
It got real crazy real fast with orders coming from all over the world, over my phone line at 300, then 1200 then 2400 baud and eventually 3600 baud...

These days the Internet is dealing in speeds almost unimaginable buy the standards of the 80's

I get bombarded every day with thousands of Internet money making schemes, most of which sound too good to be true ..

     Here is your blog to voice your likes and dislikes on any and all income opportunities out there,,
I will allow all posts at first unless you get out of hand..
please no foul language and no names...

I am personally trying a few of them myself and will have some inputs in here as well..
So lets get this party started !!!!!

some  lite reading LOL

Monday, August 6, 2012

Let Google work for you!!!!! 

Click the above link for a list of Videos to watch in order to understand how to Incorporate ad-sense into your web pages.
If your going to make money out here in this world you need to have sense about add sense..

If you have any questions about it I will try to help


Saturday, August 4, 2012

YES, I am actually actively testing at least one of these right now.